Fireball Storm
Bakunetsu Storm
English Name: Fireball Storm
Literal English: Explosive Heat Storm
Japanese Name: Bakunetsu Sutomu
Japanese Writing: 爆熱ストーム
Type: Shooting
Element: Fire
Used by: Axel Blaze

This technique is used by Axel. It is shown for the first time against Epsilon Remastered and can score a goal, destroying their Drill Smasher. When Blaze uses this move, he first powers up and a gigantic man made out of fire comes out behind him, the man carries Axel up helping him spin the way he spins in Fire Tornado, he then kicks the ball with much more power.

Bakunetsu Storm


  • The flaming giant that carries Axel and helps him do Bakunetsu Storm, greatly resembles the Majin in Majin the Hand.
  • The flaming giant's spiked hair actually resembles Axel's.
  • In the games, it is written "ばくねつストーム".