Emperor Penguin No. 2
Emperor Penguin No. 2
English Name: Emperor Penguin No. 2
Japanese Name: Kōtei Pengin Nee-Go
Japanese Writing: 皇帝ペンギン2号
Type: Shooting
Element: Wind
Used by: Jude Sharp
Axel Blaze
Eric Eagle
Kevin Dragonfly
Evolved from: Emperor Penguin No. 1
Evolved form: Emperor Penguin No. 3

Jude whistles calling out five blue penguins. He kicks the ball then the penguins follows the ball for support. Eric and Axel both kicks the ball at the same time. This was the first move to break Mark's God Hand.

Kotei Pengin Nigo


  • In the games, it is written "こうていペンギン2ごう".