God Hand
English Name: God Hand
Japanese Name: Goddo Hando
Japanese Writing: ゴッドハンド
Type: Goalkeeping
Element: Lightning
Used by: Mark Evans
Seymour Hillman
Darren Charles
Evolved form: True God Hand

The user gathers energy into their right hand, then rises it up, creating a huge golden hand that floats in the air and connected to the user's hand with bolts of energy. The user then thrusts the God Hand forward to catch the ball.

Mark God Hand

Other Version(s)Edit

It seems Endou mastered the God Hand without mastering it to Remastered but into True.

Seigou Hibiki's God HandEdit

Hibiki's Original God Hand
Seigou Hibiki first used his God Hand in episode 14, and called it the original God Hand. Although it looks the same as Endou's God Hand, it's presumed to be more powerful.

Tachimukai Yuuki's God Hand
God Hand (Tachimukai)

Tachimukai Yuuki first used his God Hand in episode 43. Other than the energy and the God Hand being blue in color, the power of his version is the same as Endou's.