Silvia Woods
Kino Aki
Kana: Kino Aki
(木野 秋)
Team Position: Manager
Teams Managed: Raimon
Inazuma Japan
School: Raimon Middle
Seiyuu: Fumiko Orikasa
Debut Appearance: Episode 1- Let's Play Soccer!

Kino Aki (木野 秋, dub: Silvia Woods) is the first manager of the Raimon soccer club, she later becomes one of the managers of Inazuma Japan.


She is a childhood friend of Ichinose and Domon. She had a big crush on Endou Mamoru.


Aki in her manager outfit


Aki has short brown hair. She uses a pink clip at the left side of her head. Has gray eyes. Always wears her white shirt with a ribbon and a grey skirt. Partnered with dark blue socks and dark grey shoes.

Plot OverviewEdit

Football Frontier ArcEdit

During the first episode of the Inazuma Eleven anime, like Endou, she also wanted others to practice. Kurimatsu, Shishido, and Kabeyama even told ther that she sounded like Endou, he also agree, and Endou's influence wore off on her, respectively. She also play soccer when she was a child, until she experienced a horrible truma because of the accident that happened to her childhood friend.

Alilea Academy ArcEdit

They helped Raimon against Alilea Academy.

Challenge to the World ArcEdit

She wanted to be with Ichinose, even quitting being the manager during episode 107, but Domon insisted, since it is her responsibility to be the manager of Inazuma Japan.




  • (To Raimon Eleven) "Are you okay with this? Didn't you join the Soccer Club because you wanted to play soccer?"
  • (To Domon) "We were opponents this time, but we're still friends who played soccer all this time."


  • The four manager girls' names came from seasons. Aki (秋) means autumn. Kino means "tree field" so when joined together, it means "autumn tree field".

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