Megaton Head
Megaton Head
English Name: Megaton Head
Japanese Name: Megaton Heddo
Japanese Writing: メガトンヘッド
Type: Defense(DF)
Element: Lightning
Used by: Mark Evans

Megaton Head is a hissatsu technique which was evolved from The Fist of Justice. It was accidentally created when Endou was out of the goal square trying to save Northern Impact from Gazelle. Later, Endou trained to perfect this move. This eventually becomes one of the moves he uses when he is a Libero. When making this move Endou firsts concentrates power on his head, second the move still doesn't resemble the fist and finally Megaton the Head is clenched. Even though its used defensively Endou also uses this for offense as seen in the fight when Diamond Dust and Prominence combined forces, he used the same movements in striking the ball it was seen to be very powerful as it went in the goal. Also, his grandson Endou Kanon has this move as a forward.

Megaton Hedo