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Mikage Sennou Junior High (御影 洗脳) (Brainwash Accademy in the dub) is a school that spies on other schools weaknesses. Ever since the new coach came they have never lost until Raimon beat them using the new hissatsu technique, Inazuma One.


  • Shimozuru Arata (下鶴 改) (Forward)
  • Terakawa Iwao (寺川 巌) (Midfielder)
  • Murobushi Kyou (室伏 京) (Defender)
  • Fujimaru Kei (藤丸 啓) (Midfielder)
  • Oobe Shin (大部 信) (Midfielder)
  • Yamagishi Seri (山岸 芹) (Forward)
  • Sugimori Takeshi (杉森 毅) (Captain, Goalkeeper)
  • Tsuzuki Shizuka (都築 静) (Midfielder)
  • Hanaoka Tsuyoshi (花岡 剛) (Defender)
  • Nagatomo Sou (長友 想) (Forward)
  • Inada Nori (稲田 のり) (Defender)
  • Sangou Baku (山郷 暴) (Midfielder)
  • Hirao Jin (平生 仁) (Midfielder)
  • Mashimo Toboshi (真下 とぼし) (Midfielder)
  • Mizubuchi Nashi (水斑 無) (Defender)
  • Hiroyama Yuu (廣山 悠) (Defender)


  • Toyama


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