Teikoku Academy (帝国学園, Royal Academy in the English dub) was once the school home to the strongest soccer team in Japan. It had been winning games constsntly before its defeat by the team of Raimon academy led by Endou.

The Captain of the Teikoku soccer team is Yūto Kidō but then decided to join Raimon and two prominent members are Genda Koujirou and Jirou Sakuma. The former coach of Royal was Kageyama Reiji.


The team of Royal was led by Jude Sharp. Their coach was Ray Dark and they won by 40 years without loss in the championship. But unfortunately in football frontier after winning for 40 years , Jude was revealed with the secret of his master Ray. Royal was defeated by Zeus and Royal's captain Jude wanted revenge. He joins Raimon and helps them. Later they win the Football Frontier. Royal was again hypnotized by Kageyama and changed their name into True Teikoku, whose captain is Caleb Stonewall. They fought against Raimon.

In Episode 56, The team became friends with Raimon and help them train their techniques.

After Inazuma Japan was created, Sakuma tried to join Inazuma Japan but failed. Later, he and Someoka replaced Fubuki and Midorikawa. While Genda, Arch and Narukami joined Neo Japan to replace Inazuma Japan and their captain challenge them but lost so they won't replace them. It is unknown what happens to the rest of the Royal Eleven.


  • Ena Kazuki (恵那 和樹) (Forward)
  • Ookusu Seiji (大楠 聖士) (Forward)
  • Kidou Yuuto (鬼道 有人) (Midfielder)
  • Genda Koujirou (源田 幸次郎) (Goalkeeper)
  • Gojou Masaru (五条 勝) (Defender)
  • Sakiyama Shuuji (咲山 修二) (Midfielder)
  • Sakuma Jirou (佐久間 次郎) (Forward)
  • Shibuki Shuudai (渋木 洲大) (Midfielder)
  • Jimon Daiki (寺門 大貴) (Forward)
  • Oono Densuke (大野 伝助) (Defender)
  • Doumen Shuuichirou (洞面 秀一郎) (Midfielder)
  • Narukami Kenya (成神健也) (Midfielder)
  • Banjou Kazumichi (万丈 一道) (Defender)
  • Hyodou Yuuhei (兵藤 雄平) (Defender)
  • Henmi Wataru (辺見 渡) (Midfielder)
  • Mukumoto Kei (椋本 圭) (Forward)