Touko Zaizen
Victoria "Tori" Vanguard
Kana: Zaizen Touko
(財前 塔子)
Age: 14
Team: SP Fixers
Raimon Eleven
Inazuma Eleven
Team Position: Defender
Team Number: 8 (Raimon Eleven)
105 (Inazuma Japan)
Element: Earth
Seiyuu: Ayahi Takagaki
Debut Appearance: [[{{{1st appearance}}}]]

Zaizen Touko (財前塔子, English dub: Victoria "Tori" Vanguard) is the daughter of Prime Minister Zaizen Sousuke. She is also the captain of the SP Fixers and later joined the Raimon Eleven in the Aliea Academy arc.

Story Edit

Aliea Academy ArcEdit

She debuted in Head Out! Raimon Eleven!!. She first appeared during the opening ceremony of a statue and then Gemini Storm launched an attack at the ceremony, she later changed her outfit to that of her team to protect her father from them by using her signature hissatsu, The Tower but they still got hold of her father. In the next episode, the police accused Endou and his teammates for being aliens because of the black soccer ball they are in possession, and challenged she challenged them to a soccer game to defeat them. After their match, she said that she knew from the beginning that they are the Raimon Eleven, the winner of the Football Frontier. Endou asked a rematch against Reize but he refuses because they need 11 players. Touko shows her Raimon uniform making her the eleventh player but the Raimon Eleven lost with a 32-0. Then in Who's the Ace Striker!, Raimon Eleven defeated Gemini Storm with the help of Fubuki. She made friends with Rika and together they were able to use a combo hissatsu called Butterfly Dream. Later during the final match with Aliea Academy's top ranking team Genesis, she created a new hissatsu technique with Tsunami and Kogure called the Perfect Tower and another hissatsu with the rest of the team called The Earth. After the Raimon Eleven defeated the Dark Emperors, she kissed Endou on the cheek which made him blush. She eventually went back to her hometown.

Challenge to the World ArcEdit

During the Challenge to the world arc, Rika decided to stay at her place as Raimon is far away from her hometown and it will be troublesome for her to go back and forth between matches. During her staying, Touko hasn't been getting enough sleep because Rika always keeps throwing her jokes at her and won't let her sleep until she laughs at them. She and Rika usually watch the Inazuma Japan during training and cheered them on through the preliminary matches with Korea's Fire Dragon.

Touko and Rika made an appearance in the episode 107, where they tried to surprise the team of their arrival. In the next episode, she played with the team in a practice match with Unicorn's Mark, Dylan, The Empire's Therese, and the Knights Of Queen's Edgar, until Zein and Desta attacked and kidnapped Rika and Haruna, respectively. The group splitted in two, Touko stayed with Endou to rescue Rika.